ST talks connects groups of people with common interests in interactive spaces to explore topics through deep discussions.

Samantha Tipples

ST talks Mission Statement

Insightful connection through conversation. New perspectives for an enhanced awareness and understanding.


  • Speaks at Events
  • Delivers Workshops
  • Offers Retreats

ST talks Workshops

Samantha’s approach combining traditional therapeutic interventions with alternative pedagogic methods enables her to offer innovative presentations and experiential workshops to the corporate and educational sectors.

Her integrative approach enables her to tailor workshops suited to your requirements, setting and audience. ST talks design learning experiences drawing on a range of psychotherapeutic approaches suited to your needs in an environment that is engaging and interactive.

Complimenting Samantha’s holistic approach and kinesthetic style, ST talks delivers experiential workshops to healthcare professionals, individuals, couples, adolescents, and families, and within the wellness, corporate and educational settings.

ST talks provides workshops and trainings on psychosexual and neurodivergence topics as well as wellbeing: such as healthy relationships, sexual health, sexual wellbeing, sexual violence, trauma, addiction, stress and resilience, sex education for adolescents and neurodiversity in the workplace, to name a few.

ST talks Genuine Genitals

ST talks is passionate about creating innovative psychosexual approaches including presenting alternative workshops discussing Sexual Anatomy.

Genitals in society have traditionally been illustrated clinically by doctors, midwives or educators. The portrayal can immensely impact physical, mental, emotional health and sexual relationships. ST talks desire to introduce genital awareness to individuals as well as society as a whole resulted in the creation of Genuine Genitals.

ST talks engage the mind and body to express and explore experiences. Learn to communicate feelings and thoughts that may be difficult to verbalise, and identify, through alternative perspectives. Boost self-esteem, feel more engaged, improve cognitive function, and build emotional resilience and social skills.

Groups are small to encourage a sense of community and connection. It can create an outlet to share inner experience experiences and open discussion if desired. The workshops are bespoke delivered in a holistic manner often in conjunction with other techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and sound baths.

Future Workshops


2pm – 4.30pm £100 per person to include one fired item, additional items at an extra cost.
Please note this programme is solely for self-development and education purposes, it is not a psychotherapy workshop.

ST talks Mindfulness

Samantha trained with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre within the University of Oxford. ST talks delivers Mindfulness courses online within workshops and retreats.

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Online Courses

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for depression (MBCT) is an eight-week group programme recommended in national health guidelines for people who suffer from depression, either currently, or in the past. Weekly sessions last two hours and combine mindfulness meditation with cognitive therapy exercises enabling us to become more aware of our mind and body and begin to dissolve some of our unhelpful habits of thinking such as rumination, worry and self-criticism.

MBCT fosters several key skills:

  • Recognition of Automatic Pilot: Learning to live more fully in the present by engaging actively with current experiences rather than operating automatically.
  • Increased Awareness of Mental Habits: Gaining the ability to recognise and modify habitual responses to everyday stress.
  • Cultivating Compassion and Balance: Developing a kinder stance towards oneself and others, enhancing emotional resilience.

Through Samantha’s integrative use of experiential therapy and mindfulness, clients are equipped not just to cope with mental health challenges but to thrive, fostering a richer, more fulfilling life experience.

ST talks Speaking

Samantha speaks in a variety of settings including corporate environments and educational institutions.


Samantha will be speaking as part of the Panel Discussion on “Women and Sexual Trauma" at the Updates in Addiction and Trauma Conference 2024.

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ST talks Retreats

Gathering small groups of people with a shared interest to intricately explore a topic.

ST talks Retreat Coming Soon in September 2024

Awaken and Discover
3 Night Retreat in Southwest France

To find out how you can support Samantha’s projects please contact her.

Samantha is currently sourcing old magazines/newspapers for a creative project. Should you have any please let us know and we will collect them in London. Thank you so much!