“Samantha’s expertise as a trauma and psychosexual specialist has been instrumental in advancing our understanding and practice in these critical areas of mental health. Samantha’s profound dedication to her profession is matched only by her exceptional skills in networking and her capacity to forge meaningful connections with both her colleagues and clients. She is not only a valued colleague but also a wonderful friend whose warmth and genuine care for others are palpable in every interaction. Her ability to listen attentively and empathize makes her an invaluable asset to any team or project.Samantha’s talent as a speaker is truly remarkable. She has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and passion, engaging her audience effectively and leaving a lasting impact. Whether presenting at conferences, leading workshops, or participating in panel discussions, her presentations are always insightful, well-researched, and compelling.”

“I am so glad I had you with me for my journey. I couldn’t have done it without you. I thought I would never have survived covid and the death of my father. You got me through it and I will be forever grateful.”

“Samantha’s dedication and passion is evident in the high quality of every piece of work she produces. Consistently delivering effective, creative, innovative techniques that inspire others to explore unconventional approaches . She collaborates with our belief that “Complexity is where we thrive” going the extra mile.

Samantha is an excellent communicator, speaker and delivers exceptional workshops, demonstrating a remarkable capacity to truly resonate with the target audience. Alongside her expertise and fiery commitment she is grounded in what really matters. A leading and an influential professional in the wellness sector, her positivity and energy fills the room.”

“Samantha Tipples is a true specialist in trauma, and psychosexual and relationship therapy. She puts her clients' needs at the very centre of her work, with ethical and clinical excellence as her guiding principles, while remaining humble. I'm proud and grateful to have Samantha as a colleague.”

“Samantha's support and proactive nature ensured the event was a great success. Her industry relationships truly reflect her warmth and kindness that she is renowned for. I am grateful for her help and direction in gathering a wonderful group of professionals.”

“I reached out to Samantha for help with my 20yr old son who has been suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, chronic depression, and OCD. After an entire “team” consisting of a psychiatrist, two psychologists and two mentors failed to make any progress, I decided to contact Samantha. After so many months of dealing with many different therapists with no results, I didn’t have high hopes, but I was pleasantly surprised. Samantha turned out to be extremely professional, competent, caring and was impressed with her intuitive awareness. Samantha’s kind and gentle approach immediately made my son feel at ease and for the first time he felt comfortable enough to open up and share personal concerns and feelings. I am very grateful and thankful for Samantha’s support and help with my son and I cannot recommend her as a therapist highly enough.”

“Samantha helped me to process deeply-ingrained childhood trauma which had adversely affected my adult relationships and behaviours for decades.

The breadth of her professional experience combined with her empathetic approach, enabled me to open-up and discuss aspects of my life that I had previously buried. As a result, I found that I could genuinely accept and respect myself. This has positively transformed the way I behave in so many aspects of my personal and professional relationships. I now feel much more able to recognise and address my own needs, which I had previously ignored leading to low self-esteem and burn-out. Samantha skillfully guided me to identify what I was really missing in my life and this liberated me to make changes, which were long overdue. I am now happier, calmer, and more fulfilled than I could ever have imagined. I will always be grateful to Samantha for her support and patience.”

“Samantha made me feel comfortable quickly. I expressed my true vulnerability which allowed me to heal. I'm surprised at how much I evolved mentally and emotionally doing online therapy with her. She always took the extra time to help me through a deep therapy session when I really needed it and for that I am very grateful. Thank you.”

“I've been deeply impressed by Samantha's innovative approach to therapy, especially in the realms of psychosexual, trauma, and addiction, complemented by her exceptional skills in business development. She excels in delivering engaging workshops and is poised to make significant strides in corporate and educational settings. Her dynamic communication style, coupled with a genuine passion for helping others and building awareness, truly sets her apart.”

“I have had so much therapy in the past and came to Sam at a time where I now see I was at my lowest. I know I am a judgemental person and judged her as I do others. I felt and feel understood by her. I am sad that our sessions have come to an end, however, I am optimistic and encouraged that my journey is moving and that I am now in a completely different place today and that is due to our time together.”

“My husband and I found a way to communicate with each other that you introduced with not just tools but a sense of calm and kindness that not only saved our marriage but our friendship. Thank you for your patience and persistence that reminded us why we feel in love.”

“Samantha’s ability to create my vision, I cannot explain. Time after time she continues to exceed my expectations delivering stunning results.”

“I’ve known Samantha Tipples for a number of years and first came across her when she worked at The Nightingale hospital and supported patients across many sectors but one close to my heart are the military patients who sometimes struggle with, as you can imagine, very challenging thoughts. Samantha is highly regarded within that community for her abilities as a therapist to hold and support. Samantha is a phenomenal therapist specialising in trauma work and EMDR. I would have no hesitation in recommending Samantha to a friend or colleague. She’s also really funny, kind, sincere and authentic.”

“Samantha was an integral part of the initial stages and early forming of APN London and her lovely, open and friendly personality, her substantial network of highly qualified and experienced professionals within the field of integrated care, lifestyle psychiatry and wellbeing, combined with her business acumen, was an important contribution towards APN London’s foundation and first building blocks in the UK.

APN is an American company entering the UK market and cultural challenges can cause differences in expectations however, Samantha’s ability to introduce the UK market to the US and vice versa remains impressive. She is culture sensitive and her approach has the ability to bridge cultural gaps and create new opportunities.

Samantha is loyal with strong integrity. She is passionate and dedicated and I would highly recommend her to support any service development.”

“Samantha is brilliant - she supported me to get my ADHD diagnosed, end a problematic long-term relationship, and come out as trans. My life has transformed.”

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Samantha for a number of years and her professionalism and collaborative spirit are exceptional. She is accessible, communicates effectively and demonstrates an impressive depth of knowledge across a wide range of services in the mental health space. She is an excellent clinician and has been very supportive as a colleague.”

“Without Samantha’s kind nature our family would not have re connected or been able to communicate in the same way during such an intense time. We are immensely grateful for her support.”

“Samantha Tipples is an experienced Therapist that I have referred patients to. The feedback from them is she offers a kind, empathetic style of therapy which supports them as they navigate through a range of addiction and mental health conditions. Holistically minded in her approach, she blends third wave behaviour therapies with a more traditional base. She is very effective at providing culturally competent care.”

“My husband and I started therapy unable to talk to each other. I did not know what sessions would look like. We are now able to communicate openly with each other and explore our relationship in a way that is new and realistic. We both have hope and are grateful to Samantha for this.”

“Working alongside Samantha at Micode Limited has been an eye-opening experience. Her ability to spot a market opportunity a mile away and her skill in steering our projects toward those opportunities have been game-changers for us. She's not just a strategist; she's a team player who knows how to bring people together and get the best out of them. Under her guidance, we've seen our business grow in ways we didn't think were possible, and her impact is evident in the positive vibes and the boosted morale within our team.”

“I came to therapy and have been surprised by how much I have learned about myself. The sessions have been so useful. Samantha has been so warm and enabled me to identify a deeper awareness of myself that I could have ever imagine. I feel lighter today. Spending time with her has given me the ability to connect with others and most importantly with myself. Thank you so much.”

“Sam is an amazing colleague! Having discussed my aims for the future, she put me in touch with a prestigious London clinic, where she secured an interview for me – resulting in my current present position as a therapist there. She is one of the most well-connected people I have ever met – she seems to know everyone in the field. I would really recommend working with Sam – beside her broad expertise in therapy, from addiction to psychosexual therapy (and beyond), she has an impressive business knowledge, and – most importantly – is an extremely easy person to work with.”

“Thank you so much for everything. You are a great therapist and person. I appreciate all you’ve done. I never thought it would be possible to connect with someone again after experiencing so much devastation and loss. You opened my eyes to another side of the world that I’ve not seen for a long time. I will cherish the memories as I return to serve my country and help those around me as you have done for me. I’ve learned so much and that is what I will take away with me.”