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I began therapy with Samantha at the start of the covid crisis during what was the lowest point in my life professionally, emotionally and psychologically. Having gone through numerous therapists in the past where it felt like we were just skirting around issues without having any structure or solution for dealing with them, I was very sceptical about beginning therapy yet again. I was struggling to come to terms with a dual diagnosis of bipolar, ADHD and addiction, and Samantha made me feel heard, understood, and most importantly seen for the first time in my life. Samantha balanced kindness, compassion, humanity and objectivity, giving me the support that I so critically required and tailoring her approach to my specific needs. She is extremely intelligent, insightful, professional and was able to quickly identify and cut to the heart of the issues that were troubling me. Through the work we have done together, Samantha has helped me to process past trauma, gain a better understanding of who I am, and identify what changes I could make to better care for my emotional, spiritual and mental health. Samantha has changed my life for the better and helped me grow as a person. I am eternally grateful to have met her and cannot recommend her more strongly as a therapist.

July 2021

Sam was the second EMDR trauma therapist with whom I engaged to process a relapse of my trauma symptoms. Sam immediately made me feel listened to and validated my experiences and concerns. I quickly trusted Sam due to her demeanour and pace in sessions. I never felt that she sought to direct the manner nor pace with which I was disclosing my troubles and fears. Before I knew it, I had shared with Sam some of the most terrifying and deeply personal experiences that I had so closely guarded in over 3 years of previous trauma treatment. I am now 7 months post therapy with Sam, I am still managing much better than I have in the past 15 years and I believe this would not be possible without her professional and yet personable approach to EMDR therapy.

March 2020

Sam is quite simply a brilliant therapist, and over the past 18 months her support, guidance and knowledge has been invaluable to me. What particularly stands out is her warmth, dedication, creativity and (where appropriate) her humour. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jan 2020

I received a therapy session with EMDR and fully credit the experience with helping me completely overhaul an area of my life. Sam was incredibly understanding, patient and empathetic which enabled me to feel that I could talk about anything. She really helped me to see things as they actually are, and not as I thought they were. I will be forever grateful.

Oct 2019

I was new to therapy when I first met Sam, unsure of the process and uncertain of what therapy looked like for me. In the beginning, I was sceptical about whether a therapist could help me and, after our first few meetings, I decided that I didn’t really care for Sam. However, I decided to stick with the process and give therapy a chance. I’m so pleased I did. Sam always met me exactly where I was in each therapy session. She remained objective, but no matter how I was feeling she was always aware of what I really needed. Sam balanced compassion with the challenge of addressing underlying emotional issues, and, because of our work together, I feel much more emotionally connected and fluent in my everyday life. Sam’s support and encouragement saw me through the worst event of my life; she always prioritised my emotional and mental wellbeing. I will be forever grateful for her support. Sam is everything a person could ask for in a therapist: objective, supportive, knowledgeable, and compassionate. My life has changed for the better because of our sessions and I hope that others will also benefit from her experience. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough.

July 2019

Sam completed an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy session with me. Her obvious knowledge and experience in working with trauma shone through, and I felt complete confidence in her ability. Sam was respectful of me at all times and worked with me to resolve my traumatic experience successfully. I would definitely recommend her as a therapist.

Sept 2018

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Samantha as a colleague, co-facilitating numerous groups and sessions with her. Samantha is a reflective practitioner who is continuously working on developing her therapeutic skills. She has a kind and gentle approach and provides professional and compassionate care for every client she works with. She is especially talented at implementing experiential methods of therapy, which she utilises brilliantly to fully engage with her clients and access parts of the self that otherwise would remain hidden. I would definitely recommend Samantha to anyone who is considering therapy.

July 2018

I first met Sam when I entered an addiction treatment centre (which I must say I was sceptical about) in February 2017, and Sam became my counsellor. From the beginning, I found Sam very easy to talk to; she made me feel at ease almost immediately. I found her very gentle, but always professional, in her approach to therapy. Our sessions continued weekly for around five months. By the end of my time at the treatment centre, our sessions felt almost like having a weekly catch-up with an old friend. I always found Sam empathetic and understanding about anything at all I needed to talk through. She was also very patient. I would highly recommend Sam as a therapist.