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I am so glad I had you with me for my journey. I couldn’t have done it without you. I thought I would never have survived covid and the death of my father. You got me through it and I will be forever grateful. 

August 2023

I came to therapy and have been surprised by how much I have learned about myself. The sessions have been so useful. Samantha has been so warm and enabled me to identify a deeper awareness of myself than I could have ever imagined. I feel lighter today. Spending time with her has given me the ability to connect with others and most importantly with myself. Thank you so much.

June 2023

Thank you so much for everything. You are a great therapist and person. I appreciate all you’ve done. I never thought it would be possible to connect with someone again after experiencing so much devastation and loss. You opened my eyes to another side of the world that I’ve not seen for a long time. I will cherish the memories as I return to serve my country and help those around me as you have done for me. I’ve learned so much and that is what I will take away with me.

April 2023

My husband and I started therapy unable to talk to each other. I did not know what sessions would look like. We are now able to communicate openly with each other and explore our relationship in a way that is new and realistic. We both have hope and are grateful to Samantha for this.

January 2023

Samantha made me feel comfortable quickly. I expressed my true vulnerability which allowed me to heal. I'm surprised at how much I evolved mentally and emotionally doing online therapy with her. She always took the extra time to help me through a deep therapy session when I really needed it and for that I am very grateful. Thank you.

December 2022

I have had so much therapy in the past and came to Sam at a time where I now see I was at my lowest. I know I am a judgemental person and judged her as I do others. I felt and feel understood by her. I am sad that our sessions have come to an end, however, I am optimistic and encouraged that my journey is moving and that I am now in a completely different place today and that is due to our time together.

October 2022

I reached out to Samantha for help with my 20yr old son who has been suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, chronic depression, and OCD. After an entire “team” consisting of a psychiatrist, two psychologists and two mentors failed to make any progress, I decided to contact Samantha. After so many months of dealing with many different therapists with no results, I didn’t have high hopes, but I was pleasantly surprised. Samantha turned out to be extremely professional, competent, caring and I was impressed with her intuitive awareness. Samantha’s kind and gentle approach immediately made my son feel at ease and for the first time he felt comfortable enough to open up and share personal concerns and feelings.  I am very grateful and thankful for Samantha’s support and help with my son and I cannot recommend her as a therapist highly enough. 

September 2022

l knew instantly l could work with Samantha. In total l worked with Samantha for two and half years. Therapy isn't about being given answers, it is about working them through with a therapist to guide you on that journey. What a journey... There were highs, lows and things in between. Samantha knew the places to explore always at the right time in just the most remarkable way. Her empathy is off the scale. There is no testimonial l can give other than that time changed my life. It is fair to say that through my time working with Samantha l would not be the happy, content and just comfortable with myself person that l am today. For that time l will always be immensely grateful.

July 2022

I did not want therapy or to be with Samantha. Zoom was so easy to not engage yet she wasn’t. She somehow made the process not only barable but insightful less frightening and at times enjoyable. I’m glad I had you with me for my journey I couldn’t have done it without you in fact we both know I wouldn’t have done!

March 2022

Thank you so much for everything. You are a great therapist and person. I didn’t think it would be possible to connect and open up about my deepest things over a screen. It was you that helped me. With all of my heart I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you’ve done. Even though we only had a few sessions the impact was astronomical. I shall always remember when things clicked into place. I can now leave ok acknowledging feelings of sadness alongside being proud of myself!